Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Animazement '05: Crazy Monkey Hell

Once more, Hell at Animazement was a rousing success, with the main ballroom packed to the gills with easily amused attendees. Thanks to everyone who showed up and special kudos to David Smith for providing the propaganda and to Daryl Surat for hanging out and providing moral support in David's absence.

I've followed gaav's lead and posted the complete Hell line-up plus commentary in the AnimeHELL forum, so cruise on over for the gory details.

Phil, who hopes to start posting somewhat more often than once a year...


Tohoscope said...

I'm gonna hafta go to Animazement just to see Phil's show. Surat makes it sound like a must see event.

Phil Lee said...

I dunno if it's worth crossing more than one state line for, but, sure, come on down. I'm always up for hanging out with the Hell posse, and Animazement is a reasonably entertaining mid-sized con in it's own right.