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Feeders 2:Slay Bells
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Feeders 2 review: "There are very few films that make one yell, 'Holy shit, that was terrible!' out loud after seeing it. This one, however, does indeed belong to that rarified category." - Matt Murray

Okay, this may very well be the worst film ever made by man, but I've said that before, so I'll reserve judgement. You can read the full
review at:

Feeders 2:Back Cover
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Jon was amazed at the success of "Feeders" and although he had vowed never to make a sequel to any of his movies he was intrigued when he received a call from the Polonia Brothers informing him that a sequel was in the works.

Due to geographical and scheduling problems Jon couldn't join the Polonias for an actual shoot so it was decided that Jon would shoot material on his own and send it to the Polonias to be edited in with their material.

Jon had his reservations at first but ended up being very happy with the end result. He also ended up shooting more material than previously asked for including various location shots and one death scene which was also pieced together by the Polonias and ended up in the final picture.

The feeder 'puppets' used in the movie weren't the same as the ones used in "Feeders", primarily because they had been destroyed during the first shoot. New puppets had to be fabricated based on the original design and included workable jaws.


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