Thursday, August 04, 2005

Battlevision! Vision 1: DOOM ON YOU!

With Anime Festival Orlando but a day away, I figured it'd be prudent to actually do a front page update myself rather than solely post over here in the forum. With my showing schedule pretty much finalized save for some tweaks and the addition of a couple classic mainstay additions courtesy of the Neil Nadelman and Crazy Monkey Hell compilations (thanks to Phil "Evangelion: The Musical" Lee and David "Love Hina: The IGN Review" Smith), I've got some time now to actually do it.

Traditionally, my take on Anime Hell known as the Panel OF DOOM has been something I decided to do at anime conventions so there would be counterprogramming to a major Saturday evening event such as the costume or AMV contests. I usually do this out of a panel/workshop room or video room, and each year at AFO I've been lucky enough for the attendance to be greater than the capacity of the room itself. With no larger workshop-type rooms to put me in, AFO has decided to put me in their Main Events room and shift me to Friday at 11 PM. With a different night, different room, and different start time compared to years past, I decided the best course of action would be to draft up some flyers. Not that I expect to fill THIS room past capacity since it holds a decent amount of people, but there's no way I'm letting a chance like this go to waste. I mean, most people who run Hell events in the main events room do so because they're helping to run the con!

I've posted two flyers in the forum thread linked above, and then Tohoscope's been posting his ones here and on the LJ community, so I took a cue from him when crafting my latest:

I did try to use that Add Images button on Blogger, but when I previewed the post, the images didn't show up. Then when I manually entered in the uploaded image URL, Firefox tells me "redirection limit exceeded" and IE just tries to load it forever, with neither of them actually showing a clickable thumbnail to the full-sized image. Oh well. Download this Panel OF DOOM flyer HERE.

As it's exceedingly obvious that I have no eye or actual talent for graphic design, are there any suggestions to make these flyers better? Shift around/enlarge/shrink the text, maybe? Oh, and what do you suppose is a reasonable print run for all of these? I'm thinking I can just make a very small amount of copies of each design (like say, 5 at the most) since I'll be posting these up around the convention Friday evening rather than setting down a stack on the freebie table for people to take.


Unknown said...

The reason you couldn't get the image to come up in the preview was because I put up that code that prevents folks from leeching and direct linking images and files from the website. Since the wysiwyg editor is on blogger's website the anti-leech code stops any images from showing up in the preview. Sorry about that.

Unknown said...

I think this flyer looks great. The juxtapose of Klaus over the Zardoz Stone Head is striking, the fonts are clear and easy to read, and your color scheme drives the purpose of the flyer. Which is to get the attention of the con-goers and communicate the info about the show. Your design sense is better then you think.

I usually get from 10 to 20 flyers made up for a show. You'll wanna get flyers posted by all the video rooms, the video games room, and a couple by/on the main events doors. And of course any posting boards that are set up by registration. The artist alley is also a good place to tape up a few flyers, too.