Wednesday, August 03, 2005

doom! Doom! DOOM!

Panel of Doom! Anime Festival Orlando! THIS FRIDAY! THE SPECIAL PICTURE!

Download this Panel of Doom Flyer HERE


Daryl Surat said...

I think it'd be overkill if I used four separate "WHAT IS THE SPECIAL PICTURE" flyers, and since my Kinko's funds are finite, I think what I'll do is choose one of them from the ones you're posting and print that up. The others I'll post on various Internet message boards.

I'm thinking of doing one more flyer using the cartoon graphic at the beginning of Forklift Driver Klaus along with the Zardoz head and a bear, with the main caption being "BEWARE OF FORKLIFTS, BEARS, AND FLYING ROCK HEADS" and the panel information at the bottom. But I might just have to go with "BEWARE OF FORKLIFTS" since properly cropping the other images is a bit tricky.

Tohoscope said...

That I'd like to see. Post that flyer when it's ready!

Tohoscope said...

Oh yeah. Keep in mind you are under no obligation to use any of the flyers that I'm posting here. I'm making them to promote the shows here on the main website and the AnimeHELL LiveJournal community (where news of THE SPECIAL PICTURE has gotten some interesting responces...)

Anyway, I hope you like the flyers.