Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Very special found sound this week at MISTER KITTY

very special in that it actually IS "found sound", never commerically released and available ONLY in EXCITING MISTERVIBRA KITTYSOUND!!!

One's a crazy mix tape made up of Styx's "Mister Roboto" and audio from PSAs, Tom Shane You've Got A Friend In The Diamond Business ads, and God knows what. The other is a mysterious collage of easy listening music and illegally recorded Citizen's Band transmissions, including the infamous "cornbread" incident. NEITHER are to be missed!!!!

It's awesome robot-to-robot combat this week as Jesus Christ Conquers The Martians!!!

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Boy that was a trip!

The "White Boy" thing was really something. Amusingly, I could spot too easily the clip from a Coca-Cola jingle from the late '70s that was used mainly due to his slogan, "Coke adds... LIFE!" At least this kid knew his stuff!

I wish someone did that at the school I went to. Best I ever saw was the typical garage rock bands who peddle their basement tapes in the cafeteria, using such B-grade names like "Anna's Mom" and "Krazy Daizys". I think the most radical stunt ever was some guy who left leaflets in the restrooms for a walk-out to protest the hike of school lunch by an extra 50 cents or so, needless to say his little plan was foiled the second he steped out of the building. :-)

I'm reminded of something Steve Worth (former Spumco bigshot) shared on his blog a while ago, a little audio clip of a person with downs syndrome doing the Beatles tune, "Yesterday"....

One of these days I should try something simular personally, doing my own interperation of classic Japanese anime theme tunes of the '70s, as I found them to be pretty bombastic and catchy.