Friday, September 09, 2005

Wonder Boy or Astroman at Mister Kitty!

It's ASTROMAN, Communist America's bewildered defender of justice! Join him in his crusade to walk the thin line between counterrevolutionary havoc and totalitarian vengeance!

Plus, FOUND SOUND treats you to the Mark Mercury CAPTAIN HARLOCK "Take To The Skies", and 80s supergroup BULLETS rocks out with NINJA THE WONDER BOY!!


Chris Sobieniak said...

Glad to see someone's putting up something interesting for once!

Of course Mark Mercury and his "Bullets" persona has been at it's peak in the mid '80s with many releases from Jim Terry and the Kidpix crew. Mercury also was responbile (though not listed) for the opening theme to the bad but campy "Crusher Joe" dub in the late '80s, but my Canadian pal enjoyed the Bullets' theme for "Robby the Rascal".

By the way, here's some links to download some of Mark Mercury's best work in action!

Angel (Hana No Ko Lun Lun):

Candy Candy:

Captain Future:

Captain Harlock:

Unknown said...

Hah! I didn't know Mark Mercury did the Candy Candy or Captain Future themes! That's too cool!

Captain Future is one of those shows that I'd love to see more episodes of. I know there are german dubs of it, and if I could find a clean enough clip of it I'd show it at OtakuHELL.

Candy Candy and Honey Honey and all the rest of those girly shows have a special place in my memories. Again, I wish I had these shows with their bad english dubbing on tape...

Chris Sobieniak said...

Glad to be of help in digging this info up!

I actually have the complete series of Captain Future, though from it's French version, "Capitaine Flam". Was hoping to get some episodes of the German edition as well, as I think DVDs of that are out in Germany as well.

I personally would like to look for some "Candy Candy" as well, haven't found one of those FHE tapes just yet, though spotted one eBay auction for the ZIV LP soundtrack recording that was somehow released at some point.

Too bad ZIV wasn't as successful with these properties as they had with more domestic aquisitions such as Gumby. There are times when I kinda have to wonder how different it would've been if there had been an interest out there to air these programs (either on terrestrial or cable TV). It might've been nice to turn on any UHF independent station and find them playing Captain Harlock around 8AM weekdays or whatever. We could've seen the anime fandom really accelerate if it did clue people in much earlier this way.

We just weren't lucky like some European countries had. I'm still TOO envious over the amount of cartoons that did get seen in Italy. Those guys at least knew how to market these shows.

Here's some random links on anime in Italy...

You'll probably get a kick out of "Regno delle Anime" for it's collection of Italian-dubbed anime openings. By the way, here's a zip of the opening to their version of Harlock....

Anonymous said...

could you reup the Harlock / Captain Future ost's ?^^

many thanks