Monday, October 03, 2005

Clip of the Month - THE SPECIAL PICTURE! And the AWA Panel OF DOOM report!

So just what is THE SPECIAL PICTURE? Well, I could just link to it (it's been hosted on the BBC website ever since it originally aired), but I think it's far better if you watch the entire segment in all its glory.


Hopefully the hosting won't take too much of a beating. This was but one clip I ran at the AWA Panel OF DOOM. Oh yeah, I wrote up the report for that! It's over here in the forum! I'll edit the post to include pictures in a bit.


Tohoscope said...

All the photos I took at AWA are "corrupt" on the compact flash card. Crap.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Kinda like noticing one of the clips you've played was "Mind your manners with Billy Quan". That was a skit taken from the classic Seattle-based comedy series, "Almost Live". I wish I had taped them when that show was on Comedy Central, but someone has leaked episodes online that are being rerunned locally on some station in Seattle.

Daryl Surat said...

Yeah, Almost Live was a big part of my middle school years, since it was around that time it got shown nationally via Comedy Central. I believe Fox had actually shown a few episodes nationally under the name "Haywire," since that is the first place I ever recall seeing Mind Your Manners With Billy Quan. I'm hoping they rerun "Eight Ball of Fury" soon.

If you live in the Seattle area (which I don't) and don't have access to the torrents, Almost Live reruns Monday through Friday on KONG16, then on Saturdays it plays on KING5. Yep, in Seattle there's a station named KING and another named KONG.

Chris Sobieniak said...

thanks for the update!

Yeah, funny for stations to use those for call letters (both KING and KONG are owned by the same company so that explains it, though KING came on the air in the '50s, and KONG started a short time ago, so it took some decades before they came to that bit of irony).