Monday, December 19, 2005

Anime World Order Podcast

Uh oh. I went and did something crazy. Some friends and I have banded together and launched a podcast.

We couldn't think of a name, so as a joke I suggested Anime World Order and...well, nobody came up with anything better. Head on over there and download the show, then be sure to give us feedback via the email address! Better yet, record your feedback as an MP3 then email us that, and we'll play it on the show!

For our first episode, we introduce ourselves to the world, then it's on to the news where we talk about Bandai Visual's plans to enter the US anime market and ADV's plans to release a dub of Macross. Er, ANOTHER dub. After that we've got reviews for the manga Nana by Ai Yazawa, followed by a spotlight on the classic film Animal Treasure Island. Then we wrap things up by way of me spouting off conspiracy theories about Fortune magazine and the live-action Evangelion movie. Note that none of us have radio experience, podcasting experience, audio editing experience, or (that much) website experience, so I'm not kidding when I say that feedback is encouraged.

If anything, it's good practice for when the podcast becomes a reality!

1 comment:

Chris Sobieniak said...

Just started listening to this, and 2 1/2 minutes into this, I can tell I'm gonna love it!

Don't know if I have a mike to leave my comment in MP3, but I have a webcam if I had to show myself! :-)