Wednesday, December 14, 2005

AnimeHELL Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for AnimeHELL style cheap video thrills? Go forth and kill with PANEL OF DOOM favorite ZARDOZ!

Or if you've got a little more cash try the highly recommended Hayao Miyazaki key animated DUB THAT TIME FORGOT ANIMAL TREASURE ISLAND.

If your in a musical mood why not try HEINO'S HIT MIX! Nothing says Happy Holidays like 20 Heino songs re-mixed with a NON-STOP DISCO BEAT!


Tohoscope said...

I'd love to see Diskotec do GULLIVER'S TRAVELS BEYOND THE MOON.

Chris Sobieniak said...

That would be cool. It would be a nice replacement to a DVD someone burned for me of the Public Dormain edition.

I thought Discotek had the right idea in getting ahold of and releaseing this forgotten gem! We need to see more of this in the coming year! It's the year of the obscure!

Tohoscope said...

They list the movie as GULLIVER'S SPACE TRAVEL at the Toei english site:

Chris Sobieniak said...

Yeah, seems like a better-off title to use than what Joseph Levine & Co. used before (I think that was the main name at the start of that film).