Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Season in AnimeHELL

Looking to see a HELLshow or catch some parody dubs at Midnight Madness? You're in luck! This weekend at Matsuricon Rich Lather unveils HELL IN A CAN and AUTOMATED MIDNIGHT MADNESS in absentia. Next weekend JACON attendees are predestined to the delirium of Daryl Surat's PANEL OF DOOM! That same weekend at Shiokazecon you'll find the candy coated conundrum of Danno's OtakuHELL! And don't forget to celebrate Cinco De Mayo at AnimeCentral with Ryan Gavigan at the Central HELLfest double feature of AnimeHELL and Midnight Madness Chicago style! Clear your calendars and remember: SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!

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