Tuesday, September 05, 2006

OtakuHELL after the fact

Dispite a number of setbacks OtakuHELL did happen thanks to some last minute help from friends. A family emergency kept Michael and Joshua from being at the show, but luckily Emily and Bob DeJesus and Taliesin Jaffe offered to help out behind the microphones. With our usual problems and issues with sound and video the show went on. Bruce Lewis kept up a stead stream of banter with the audience and we remembered that this show was the one year aniversery for Hell Nurse Katie. Candy was throw and laughs were had. And we wrapped up the show before 1:00 a.m.

Big thanks to the AnimeFEST AV Crew for getting us up and running. And a special thanks to Emily, Bob and Taliesin for coming to our rescue at such short notice. And thanks to everybody who came out for the show. I hope you had a good time and hope you'll come back next year!

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Nuke Mayhem said...

I was there(I was the big guy in the black autobot shirt and the "Viva La Bam" cap), and I had a blast I so want to be a part of Anime Hell.