Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anime North Hell

Just a short note to tell you about three panels I'm involved with at Anime North - not this weekend, but next weekend!


ANIME HELL - Saturday 8-10pm International B&C - returns to Anime North with one hundred and twenty minutes of questionable content, murky audio, and confusing ambiences! Trailers, short films, educational movies, forgotten anime clips, amateur films, odd commercials, and things that will make you say "what the hell was THAT?" all combine into a kalidescope of crazy that pummels your cerebral cortex into submission. Special surprise guest hosts!

SENSATIONAL SUPER ROBOTS OF THE SWINGING SEVENTIES: 1-3pm Sunday International B - Return with us to the grooviest decade of all as a parade of brightly colored giant super robots rampage through the popular culture of two hemispheres! Join Mazinger Z, Grandizer, Voltes V, Combattler V, Daitarn 3, Zambot 3, Steel Jeeg, Danguard Ace, Getta Robo, and all your other favorite super robots as they battle aliens from space and monsters from the depths of the Earth, burning all the while with the fires of justice! An educational presentation.

TOTALLY LAME ANIME: 6-9pm Friday International 'B' - Professional translator and all-around 'good guy' Neil Nadelman takes us on a mind-altering journey down a dimly-lit tunnel filled to the gunwales with some of the worst, least entertaining, poorly-animated, questionably-concieved animation ever produced. Who made this stuff? Were they brain-damaged, or just visually impaired? Learn the shocking facts about Totally Lame Anime... before it's too late!

See you there!


JOwte said...

It's been driving me nuts, so I'll ask here and hopefully someone can answer me. What's the name of the song from the Astro Boy tribute that was at Anime Hell this year?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get the name for the psychedelic clinic anime! It was hilarious!