Thursday, May 15, 2008

Witness your DOOM at JACON 2008

Panel of Doom at Jacon 2008
Although my posts here seem to have dwindled to about two a year (that's two more than I've managed to put in at Psychommu Gaijin!), you can rest assured that I've been reading every post. This year, the Panel OF DOOM! is back at JACON, only this year I'm getting back to my counter-programming roots! This Saturday night in Pelican C, at the official "You Should Be Drinking" time of 11 PM, I'm going the distance (for two hours anyway) and going for SPEED...Racer, that is!

Having placed myself opposite the Hentai Hoedown, Steve Bennett's party, the Royal Flush Casino, the nerd prom/rave, and other exciting celestial phenomena, all pretense of crowd pleasing is going OUT THE DOOR! The pain mobile is shifting into overdrive as it's two hours of psycho Christian propaganda, Speed Racer parodies, helicopter explosions, ninjas, Charles Bronson, Isabella Rosselini getting it on with the insect kingdom, and more! If you're there, you're doomed! You hear me? DOOMED!

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