Friday, August 07, 2009

Bonus Track: Bullshit English Theme Song! From Space!

bonus track
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Robotech (via heath bar)

Soldier of warlords from deep space,

Hurled through the night to this new place.

Crushed and forgotten, to Earthlings
Magically healed and rebirthing.

Just a pile of rust was all they found on that Isle
that no one expected to see

Ten years later Super Fortress Macross would rise --
Guardian of you and of me

Macross! The arm of a new wave!

Champion and knight of a new day!

Gauntlet of mankind, you stand tall!
Super Space Fortress called Macross!


Tohoscope said...

"Gauntlet of mankind you stand tall"

Tohoscope said...

Thanks to Surat for the lyrical help and link.

Superdeformed said...

Thanks for the Bad American Dubbing flashback.

The singing of CPF can make the ears bleed I tells ya.

Tohoscope said...

But it's a good sort of ear bleeding.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I wouldn't mind if this was all we had instead of Robotech and I was singing this tune daily!