Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VHS HELL: Police Academy: The Series

Police Academy
Police Academy Back


Chris Sobieniak said...

File under "Yes, it was a cartoon"!

Unknown said...

A really, REALLY bad cartoon. It's terrible on all levels. Horrible sub sitcom writing, bad voice acting, bad designs, just bad. But, on the good side, it doesn't have a laugh track.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Probably why I tuned out! Interesting that cartoon came out nearly a couple years before WB started up their TV animation division with Tiny Toon Adventures (which on it's own was sub-par for most episodes that weren't done by TMS).

The 80's was a sloshpile of badness when it came to TV animation in a nutshell, no doubt spear-headed by Ronnie's lifting of certain restrictions by the FCC that led to the explosure in syndicated 'original' cartoons seen five days a week that hadn't seen really done before outside of Japanese imports.

Here's a promo done by Canada's Global network when they had it around '89 (There's other promos with this so please bare in mind while watching)