Sunday, May 16, 2010

PAC-MAN: food for thought

You go Iwatani!

(hope nobody remembers this!)


Tohoscope said...

You know, none of these makes any sense. There's a thin connection to the food products. Pac-Man eats. So, okay, maybe. But then, everything eats and is eaten. It's like some backhanded comment on consumerism. CONSUME! CONSUME!

Chris Sobieniak said...

That is the basic element itself (much like otakudom). The whole thing is a joke in on itself, but I think I ended up soiling that perfectly with the Underoos commercial!

Still, it was something I was a tad use to seeing everywhere when it was a thing to see a Pac-Man machine at a food mart or pizza parlour. Nobody ever gave s__t about that back then as they might nowadays but it was just something I expected out of life. At least Pac-Man stressed some form of fitness besides eating (or consuming), that aerobics fad was about to kick in as well.

But then, it was all about how these ancillary deals were made. Midway was no doubt sitting pretty on how many products they could get the yellow orb on and hit the stores immediately. I remember eating Pac-Man cereal before school and having the Coleco LED Pac-Man game thingy to play with as well (and the Atari 2600 game of Hell if need be).