Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ninjaHELL! @ San Japan :3 & Anime Overload 2

Hey guys, it's Kubu again with a couple of conventions to report. We ended up doing San Japan and Anime Overload, so this is the first chance I've had to breathe and think about all that happened. For all of the set lists, they are in order of me remembering them, not in chronological order.

San Japan :3
This con was a little awkward because of how we were scheduled - we went right from doing FF7AC into regular ninjaHELL! Our attendance for the second part suffered because people didn't want to stick around that long, but we kept the room packed until after AC.

ninjaHELL! Presents: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
This went well, all pre-show technical trouble and drama aside. We had to throw parts of it together last minute, some jokes got skipped, but it was a solid riffing, and most of the fans said it was their favorite Presents yet. Thanks have to go to Adam Campaneria ("Prof. Gerald Springer") for filling in when we needed him to.

ninjaHELL! Episode 4 - A New HELL!
This one, like I said, had a smaller audience, but we kept up the energy for a total of 7 hours - leaving me very proud of our group. We showed:

  1. Coach Coz and The Kid Crew
  2. Sweating to the Oldies 3
  3. Mortal Kombat The Animated Movie - The Journey Begins
  4. One Got Fat
  5. Cautious Twins
  6. The Advanced Pokemon Master's Guide
  7. Big Bill Hell's Cars (At least 5 times spread out, people requested it multiple times)
  8. Hot Chicks - Wounded Children
  9. Milk Cap Mania Part 1
  10. Hot Chicks - Wounded Children (By Request)
  11. Other things that are slipping my mind.
Anime Overload 2
Alright, this was weird. We were scheduled to do a show from 9-12, and a musical themed one to boot, but the con decided to have an impromptu One Eyed Doll concert at the same time. So, once we got past some of our technical issues, we found ourselves competing with the jerk of a sound guy. Who kept turning up the audio from the concert to drown us out. So, in typical ninjaHELL! fashion, we blasted ourselves and made fun of both the music and the sound guy. Needless to say, we thought we were just spitting in the wind.

Until the concert stopped, the dance started and their audio was turned down, and we wound up only lasting 2 hours and 45 minutes as opposed to their 2 hour concert. To make up for this, the con invited us back the next day to perform the last part of our show that got cut off. Which is when we found out that One Eyed Doll also had refused to take the stage if our voices were audible over the speakers.

Long story short, we apparently won.


  1. Sweating to the oldies 3
  2. Sing-a-long at Bubbes
  3. The Practical Princess
  4. Goggles
  5. HBTV's Top Rock
  6. Big Bill Hell's Cars
  7. VD is for Everybody
  8. Telezonia
  9. Coach Coz and The Kid Crew
  10. The Ninja Squad (all but the last 6 minutes of it)
  11. Metal Gear Pron 2: Sons of Libido
  12. Fish Fight
  13. Yatta!
  14. Staple-Fahrer Klaus (Forklift Operator Klaus)
  15. I Wish I Was A Lesbian
  16. Mortal Kombat The Animated Movie - The Journey Begins
  17. And possibly some other things that are slipping my mind.


Proz said...

Thanks for the endurance of 7 hours time. Since time & space won't be an issue, we can make sure you get spread out more on both days for the next SJ. You know we'll treat you good, you just have to ask us :), we'll listen.

Kubu-kun said...

No worries! I told Jay I didn't feel like competing with Spike and Mike, so he scheduled both shows the same day. So, the one who was foolish was me. Hindsight is 20/20, right?