Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Shogun Assassin

Josh Olsen sez to get the original Lone Wolf and Cub movies, but I say get Shogun Assassin. The guys who sell the Lone Wolf and Cub sat down and reconstructed the Shogun Assassin cut from their access to the remastered originals. So, if the last time you saw Shogun Assassin was on a grainy VHS tape now you can see it in freakin' HD! How cool is that?

And did you know Sandra Bernhardt and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders voice acted in Shogun Assassin? My mind is blown.


Anonymous said...

I have this on VHS... you'll find Mark Linsey was also the Producer.

Tohoscope said...

I have the VHS, but I think it's a re-issue. I picked it up with the "special edition" VHS of Street Fighter and Sister Street Fighter. Nothing too special about those editions except for having new package art. That was back in the 90s.

I gotta admit, I enjoy Mark Linsey's soundtrack for Shogun Assassin. It seems out of place, but it grows on you.