Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frankenstien Gangster Computer God!

In an effort to increase your geek-cred, I now present Francis E. Dec. This man is a kook of the highest order.

If you listen to "Coast to Coast" with Art Bell, as I do, you've probably familiarized yourself with a number of kooks, but Dec takes the cake. No, he doesn't just take the cake; he takes the table, the kitchen, the truck that delivered the ingredients, and the cook. He's not just out of the kook-closet; he's in the living-room, sitting on your sofa, with his feet on the table.

In 1985, Boyd "Doc" Britton received a stack of Dec's flyers mass-mailed to the media; in 1986, he made a spoken word recording of himself reading five of Dec's rants over various background music selected and mixed in at random. I've got one of them here:

Rant Three

And then, later, Psychic TV made a (somewhat) danceable tune out of a rant.

Halloween is about scary things. I can't think of anything more scary than being stuck in Dec's head.

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