Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Necro Tonz

Today is the last day of the Texas State Fair, so I have to tell you a story.

Back in nineteen (mumble-mumble), I went to the Fair with a couple of buddies and it was raining the entire time. We saw everything we could stand and were soaked to the bone.

Now! Across from Fair Park is a tiny strip of bars and restaurants called "Exposition Park". This is because the road between them and the fair is called Exposition. One of the bars there was called "The Bar of Soap". It was a bar, yes; but it was also a laundromat.

"A bar and a laundromat?" you ask. Yes. What better thing to do while waiting for your clothes to dry than drink a beer and catch a round of pool?

So, soaked from a day at the fair in the rain, my two buddies and I went over to the Bar of Soap to use their dryers and get some clothes that weren't soaked.

Bar of Soap also had live bands, at times. On that particular evening, the band was the Necro Tonz. Tonight, I present the only CD of theirs I know about. Enjoy.


Tohoscope said...

I bet they've got a myspace page.

Dr. Mila said...

I bet you're right.