Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 20th Nicktoons!

Celebrate 20 years with a look at the pilots that made NICKTOONS!

Created by Jim Jinkins

Created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain

Created by John Kricfalusi

Created by Joey Ahlbum & Marc Catapano

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Tohoscope said...

I feel very very old right now...

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

We all do. (and I'm going to be ringing something 'old' to the forums real soon)

Tohoscope said...

There was so much good stuff in that first batch of Nicktoons. What a wonderful time it was.

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

It was a wonderful time when it seemed like we've gotten something just slightly 'different' from what we were use to seeing for cartoons on TV. Too bad I wasn't there for the first seasons of these shows as my folks didn't have cable temporarily for much of that time (though those first 6 Ren & Stimpy episodes weren't going anywhere).

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

While "Doug Can't Dance" would be used as part of the second episode of the first season of said show. Neither Rugrats or the uncut version of "Big House Blues" would ever see much a legit release until years later on DVD (or Spike TV for Big House Blues anyway, most of us had to be content with the usual pirated copies of that episode for the time being).

While most have complained about Tommy's voice in the pilot and some of the other quirks over it, I still think Peter Chung did an excellent job on setting the state for how the show would be handled for it's early years. Mainly the cinematography and layout.

Incidentally one of the animators of the Rugrats pilot is Brad Bird, but I was told by Dave Silverman that all he did was the "Squeaky Chicken Girl" in the commercial, and it certainly shows, I probably guessed it out before knowing more about it! I happen to have an animation cel of Tommy from this pilot by the way!