Friday, August 12, 2011

An old kitteh video

Dangerous Minds had a post a while back about the film Private Life of a Cat, an "intimate observation of two cats", created by Alexander Hammid in 1947.

They have since removed the post, for some inexorable reason, which is a shame because it had such a lovely soundtrack.

I was reminded of this because of a BBC story about a cache of silent film music.

It's easy to forget that these silent films actually had soundtracks, played live during the film. I was reminded of this back on '05, when I spoke at great length with Phillip York about theremins and his upcoming album Rudolph Valentino: He Sings and Other Sing About Him.

And anyone can make a playlist for a silent film. Anyone else want to take a crack at the above film? Let us know and we'll post it.


Tohoscope said...

That's over 20 minutes of music. Silent Cat Movie Music Challenge?

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...
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