Thursday, December 20, 2012

For children and adults as well.

You could watch this on your lunch-break.

I first read it long, long ago, on an airplane. I might have been six and my dad handed it to me, to keep me busy on the flight back from where ever we had been.

I still read it, on occasion, to remind myself of some very basic things.

When we just tell kids something without explaining it, when we expect them to blindly accept what we (as kids) blindly accepted, then it's harder to fight for it. When it's just a series of empty words, don't expect them to stand.

Also, other events make me wonder how things are being explained. This story is more frightening to an adult than a child, because we have slightly more understanding of what's going on.

On my car, I have a bumper-sticker that says, Don't lie to kids and you'd be amazed how many people ask me what it means. It seems obvious.

But, I'd encourage you to watch it, by yourself or with others. Maybe have a discussion about it. Maybe ask yourself a few questions. It seems important.

Ugh. Those closing credits....

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Thanks for something I hadn't seen before!