Monday, December 30, 2013

Your Grandparents' Music!

Excerpts from The Now Explosion from Bob Whitney on Vimeo.

Original Video of The Now Explosion produced in Atlanta, GA, in 1970, has been recovered by video archivists at the University of Georgia at Athens, GA. The marathon music-TV concept was launched in Atlanta ten years before MTV or VH1. Video segments originally broadcast in 1970 and stored in a south Florida garage for 3 1/2 decades have been remastered by the UGA archives to contemporary technical standards and obtained by the original producer, Robert Whitney. It's a bit of a miracle - but now - we've actually got some of the historic Now Explosion video, short samples of which are shown in this Fair Use archival presentation. For more information, see


Danno Baker said...

Oh man, this is awesome. I wish I had a job digging though some university's video archives.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Don't we all?

Speaking of archive, some woman's collection of news broadcasts going back to '77 will be added to the Internet Archive's collection very soon!

At least we won't have to go to some college for this!