Friday, February 21, 2014

Short Peace (2013) (part 4, continued....)

OK! So, yesterday, we fought a "robot" and decided to head into the subway. Let's go check out underground and the horrors lurking within.


Look, the guys even brought a little rover scout drone. Aw, how cute!

It even knows its name!

Deep in the subway, they've found several boxcars. Remembering what these guys did during the montage at the start, we can guess they're going to try to salvage something here.

And one of those boxcars has some plot in it. The music changes and people chat excitedly. No, whatever that is, they're not just going to haul it back to the truck. This is big stuff.

Oh, and explosions.

Someone is firing on them! It's another 'bot. This will be a very different battle, as Jin didn't have a chance to set up a kill-zone and Nobu is going to find it hard to snipe from the same level as his opponent. Also, Nobu's armor has gone out again. He's just sitting there.

Maru fires some grenades, but that might not be enough.

A different place, a different style.

What I really love about these critters, and part of why I started to giggle, is the sound effect of their lasers. I don't know why I get off on that as much as I do.

Jin has some missiles left, so he's going to set a kill-zone as quickly as he can. He might be more effective if he wasn't so spooked by the view of their vehicle outside and the smoke from it. I'll bet you Yankee's dead (he had no armor).

This thing is really mean.

The Chief tells Maru to go to the boxcar. Maru can't believe what he's hearing. Jin throws an electro-pulse grenade at the 'bot and it's momentarily paralyzed, but Maru has to puke in his helmet first (no, I'm not taking that snapshot).

Jin's taking pot shots at the bot while the Chief is un-burying himself. We can assume that Nobu is dead. Maru manages to make it onto the boxcar, which has power, for some reason.

The A-Train, it aint't.

The music is building. Something big is going to happen! The Chief frees himself from some rubble and uses his progressive-knife on a fallen bit of scaffold. Jin runs around the side from the 'bot. Maru busts open the roof and gets out of the boxcar. The Chief finds Nobu's sniper rifle.

Queue Philip Glass scales.

And then things get really unhinged. The roof on the boxcar starts to open. Maru gets hit by a laser. Jin jumps on the 'bot.

A worthy opponent.

Jin is vaporized. The Chief shoots a few more times. And then....

Not a minute too soon!

A minute-man missile comes out of the boxcar. Way to go, guys.

The warhead falls off, but the engine is still flying around in the subway, until it hits the roof. With nowhere to go, it just crumples up and kabooms.

Earth-shattering kabooms

The Chief and Maru make it out of the rubble that was the subway, but Maru's suit is still damaged from the laser hit it took earlier, so he has to do an emergency evac. A moment of relief that they're OK.

That was short-lived.

Oh no! The Chief is dead and Maru is defenseless! The thing is gonna kill him...and... No. It fires at his suit, but not him. In his struggle to get away, Maru loses his dog-tags and the 'bot fires on those, but not him. The 'bot tells him to have a nice day and starts to walk off. The 'bot should have a female voice when the dub comes, because that would be funnier.

You have to give him points for effort, though.

With everyone else from his party dead, Maru just beats on the 'bot with a rock. The 'bot's unfazed, but does take enough time to vaporize his clothing.

His butt looks like a kitty.

What else can you do? Maru picks up a warhead and runs at the automaton. Queue music. Queue credits. Queue my goony laughter. Final shot of Mt. Fuji!

Now, the fifth piece was not included in the final film, but here's a trailer.

Of course it's a game.


Avery Davies said...

Honestly, I think it's supposed to be the same robot in the intersection as in the subway. It's just that all it's slat armor got blown off.

Also, never released that this was done by Hajime Katoki but it makes sense now. All those fiddly bits are part of his trademark from his Gundam Sentinel modeling days.

Dr. Mila said...

Ah! That would make sense, that it fell through the street after the explosion and they're just going after it.

I'm sure it will be made more clear when we get a translation.