Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tex Avery Day

Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot this! Well, here it is, a day late.

Yesterday was Tex Avery Day. Above, we have an embed of the wonderful cartoon "I Love to Singa", for which there was a fantastic writeup on Saturday Morning Cartoon. Go read what they have to say about it! It's got some great history. Heck, we've posted on this cartoon before.

There's also some neat stuff at Cartoon Brew and Loop

And now, I'm gonna show some cartoons.


We showed this cartoon once at Yulecon (we needed something holiday related), and it's shocking (looking at it as an adult) how many war gags were in it. Did we ever get those jokes as kids? Seriously, there's three war gags in the first 30 seconds and they just keep coming. Why would a kid ever laugh at a giant C sticker on the side of a boat? Actually, just go read that article and then watch the cartoon. It's funnier.

I have no idea why this is broken up the way it is. Probably to avoid a take-down notice.

According to the comments, this is Tex's last theatrical cartoon. What's great here is how the silence is used so effectively. The need to keep quiet was used that same year in Deputy Droopy and earlier in Rock a Bye Bear.

MGM Cartoon "The First Bad Man" (1955)

I am pretty sure that the first jail is based on the John Neely Bryan cabin in downtown Dallas (the map, by the way, is accurate). The cabin is not really that interesting, now that they keep the windows shuttered. It used to be you could walk up to it and look inside, which was actually kinda interesting when you're in fourth grade.

Picture distortion from passing airplanes! Oh, how far we've come.

Finally, "The Wacky World of Tex Avery". Mom told me if you can't say anything nice to not say anything at all, so I'll just keep mum on this one. They say the good die young; honestly, it's just they don't stick around long enough to disappoint you.

Oh come on, like I'd end on a down-note!

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