Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bad news, kids

If you were looking forward to seeing Anime Hell at A-Kon this year, don't. We're not doing it. No Dogsnack. No Hard Gay. No Camay Walk. No Kazoos. No Hell Nurse Katie. None of that.

I hear you asking, "Why? Sweet lord, why?" Well, we contacted A-Kon this year, at the same time of of year as we have the last few times, and got the following reply:

A-kon has for many years been shifting towards an environment where we do not seek out talent, we have talent beating our doors from panels to artists, and everything beyond.

Unfortunately this year I actually had a waiting list for groups and rooms starting in October. Additionally there was a last minute unscheduled change that leaves us without our largest video space for half of the convention, as it is becoming Registration. We are making due [sic] with all the changes but we don't have space between programming and events to fit you guys in this year, and our programming book has already gone to print.

In thinking about all the folks we had to contact to let them know it wasn't happening this year, I had to remember you, the fans. It's not that we've quit; we're just not going to be there this year. We'll be back next year and we're still planning on Anime Fest later this year.


Chris Sobieniak said...

It's a shame when these red tape issues happen.

Unknown said...

Eh. Things happen. There's always next year.

Unknown said...

That sucks.
Hopefully, there's some other cons around here with good sense.