Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happy 35th Nickelodeon (if needed)

Because I have no faith in it all, I'll leave you with this playlist of what I consider the best of said network (though mainly pre-1990, so all you Y/Z-Gen snots can just suck it).


Danno Baker said...

It took them 35 years to run it into the ground. *sigh*

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Sure did. Whatever happen to that bright, perky feeling I once had for watching that channel that it annoyed me when I wasn't hope watching it as everyone else did not have cable in their homes!

Dr. Mila said...

Oh, the Third Eye....I rewatched "Children of the Stones" and it's still scary as hell. "Into the Labyrinth" didn't hold up that well, however.

But, man, "Spartikus and the Sun Beneath the Sea"...that show freaked me out.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I liked it. Got a kickass tune that somehow got replaced with one by Menudo I could care less for.

God that shows deserves a DVD release here (are you listening DiscoTek?).

And yet, there's those half my age that don't get it at all, that's at least what I got out of this so-called podcast.

Those kids can go home.