Thursday, February 19, 2015

Double Dare: After Dark

"A special Family Double Dare that was created featuring many of the folks who were instrumental in making the programme. Including the President of Nickelodeon, Gerry Laybourne.
We all watched so many families have such a good time, we wanted to play a game ourselves. This is it.
It did not air, and was not edited so you are seeing the raw output from the studio in Florida." 
- Geoffrey Darby

Watch Marc Summers really loosen himself up!


Unknown said...

Ah, nothing says I love you son like dumping a bunch of icky stage mess on your child.

Here's another fun video I ran across - Japan's poorest group, the Margarines. A producer wearing a mask has hired a bunch of female singers to perform in a J-pop group. The requirements are as follows:
1. Be female 2. Be between 18-35 3. Be in considerable debt.
Watch as a bunch of Japanese women shamelessly debase themselves all in the name of getting out of debt.

Unknown said...

PS they also mention a J-pop band named Chubbiness, here's more on that one: