Monday, May 25, 2015

Aniem Notrh Ehll Eropt

Yeah it was cold outside - Friday night it got down to ZERO, welcome to May in Ontario, hope you brought a jacket - but Hell was in session at the North building of the TCC, with the finest bathrooms in convention-center-land and a capacity crowd of fans!

live blurry selfie taken sometime during Hell
The crowd learned about dumb ways to die, met Mr. Bigot from the Yogi Bear show, got caught up with Lupin III, was taught traffic safety with Goku, saw some live-action Astro Boy, was told to "heat meat up" and "hold meat tight", said goodbye to Casey Kasem and Gary Owens, watched "Power Plant 33" from the Japan Animator Expo, was sold savings bonds from Batman, learned about how all anime animation and manga comics were actually child-porn tools for predators, saw the otaku seduction techniques of Blue Blazes and Gundam Build Fighters, and heard an amazing tale of fandom vengeance from the '80s.  Shain live-tweeted from her control table, the tech staff kept the stereo in stereo, and overall, considering the change in venue and all the potential problems that could have happened, it was an amazing, almost flawless Hell for everyone. When it was all over, we distributed Timbits for strength and energy to make it through the cold darkness. Now it's spring again, thanks to Anime Hell!

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