Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AWA 2015 Anime Hell After-Action Report

Thanks to everyone who came out to Anime Hell Friday at AWA. I managed to convince the staff to NOT clear the room after Totally Lame Anime, and to NOT check IDs to ensure everyone was over 21, and we thought the show was going to run as smooth as ever, and of course DVD technology CANNOT HANDLE THE AWESOMENESS OF ANIME HELL, so there's that.
Confidential to the guy that wanted me to show the "Ant Lion" video - that video was part of Neil Nadelman's "Totally Lame Anime", and not part of Anime Hell, which is why I had no idea what you were talking about.
We showed: Barkira, John Waters advising people to smoke, Yogi's Ark intro, Hero High, Hammerman, Momoiro Clover Z meets Kiss, One Punch Man, an Idolmaster ad, Lupin III, Yamato 2199, Psychosomatic Comical Anime (watch it on Crunchyroll), clips from CNN and Blue Blazes and Gundam Build Fighters, the trailer for CYBORG 009 VS DEVILMAN, Suzuki Hustler ads by Akira Toriyaman, Dragonball traffic safety videos, the truth behind the death of Minky Momo, Dragonball Fire Safety, the live Astro Boy, the Prison School trailer, ads for Georgia Coffee and Ryujin Ginko and Macross Pachinko and Oasis and Dragonball pool eye drops, a video from the Japan National Federation Of Cooperative Agricultural Associations, a great CG Ultraman clip, a Manulife ad starring Mazinger Z, the Georgie Girls, HAMMERHEAD, Batman for savings bonds, Schick EVA and EVA tomato ads, Heidi's grandpa rapping, God and Satan for Pocky, Good Morning Doronjosama, a tribute to Mike Horne, Butthurt Anime Fan, I CAN FRIDAY BY DAY, and I wrapped things up by sending a long-distance dedication to our pal Danno who's not with us any more. We miss you, Danno. 
Thanks again to all who came out to the show and we'll see you in 2016!
Shirt designed by Danno for AWA 2001

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