Thursday, September 24, 2015

Inertia, Momentum, Transformation

An Object at Rest from Seth Boyden on Vimeo.

On Sunday night, September 20th, 2015, Danno Baker was killed by an acute pulmonary thromboembolism.

I've been tasked with sorting through all the external drives and discs and storage and boxes upon boxes of video. Copies have to be made for his family; friends have requested what they can. We're all still processing what's happened.

I'd like to thank those who have come to us to offer condolences. It's always hard to be strong at times like this without becoming brittle and risking a shatter. You bend, you adjust, and you keep on gong.

And I hadn't really been able to cry about it until now. I knew there was a lot that had to be done and crying's for later. But it's later now and I'm really, really going to miss my friend.

So, while sorting through drives, I found this video in a folder that said "A-Kon Hell 2015" and I don't even remember if we showed it or not because that was a lifetime ago. But here it is.

We're still going to do Hell as best we can. It's not going to be the same without Danno at the helm, but the show was what he lived for. I'm glad that we had a year with no problems and he was able to smile at all of you.

He had a smile, really, even if he never drew himself with one.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Thanks Danno!

Interesting if he had that film planned to show.