Sunday, June 05, 2016

A-Kon Report

Make sure you enable safe search before you Google anything about this video.

So! We had a great show. Considering we were starting much later than usual, I'm still pleased we were able to fill the room (with some left standing at the back for a while). Granted, we had contacted A-Kon later than usual this year, so I'm thankful they were able to squeeze us in.

And this year, all video had to be done via HDMI, which was OK because the laptop I was using was HDMI out only, but it was kinda not OK because of stupid HDCP and I'd left the laptop on a non-administrative account but that's neither here nor there and we were able to run the show from the back where all the devices could talk to each other without anyone completely losing their mind. This is more the fault with the protocol than it is with A-Kon's equipment and a purchase will be made to remedy that.

I want to thank our audience for sticking it out with us for two hours. I was worried we wouldn't have enough of the old stuff to keep our old fans' loyalty or enough new material to interest the newbies (and we had a shocking number of new people this year).

Now that I've done it, I'm a lot more comfortable with doing it again. I played it safe this show. Next time, we're really going to see some weird. I think it's the kind of thing Danno would have enjoyed.

As per tradition, we had a late meal at the Metro afterwards. According to Katie, they have the best chicken-fried steak.

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