Sunday, June 12, 2016

Animazement 2016 Report

Once again, Hell rocked the house at Animazement. The full playlist awaits you below the cut.

Pre-Hell Dance Party:
"Time" by Vinylgroover
; "Discoland" (Radio Edit) by Tiny Tot; "99 Red Balloons" ('96 Remix) by Jimmy J; and "Rainbow to the Stars" by Dune.

01 - TRIANGLE - Providing another excellent opportunity to test my theory that you can open Hell with anything, especially incredibly unsettling experimental animation.

02 - A Prank Time - "Hey, it's time to cause some mischief!" Some eye-blasting, psychedelic mischief.

03 - Carpenter Brut: "Turbo Killer" - The Satanic Neo-80s were like that all the time. Your home assignment is to write a paper explaining exactly what in the hell is happening here.

04 - Kool Cigarette Commercial - And now a word from our commercial sponsor.

05 - Yakuza Apocalypse trailer - This completely unhinged genre-film trainwreck from the hyper-prolific Takahashi Miike would have been golden Hell material no matter what, but it's the stinger at the very end of the trailer that really makes it magical.

06 - Agressive Retsuko Episode 1 - Introducing our heroine, an adorable red panda office lady who likes to relax in her off-hours with some karaoke.

07 - Wild Boys Advance - "Who likes Japanese cartoons?" I should probably give a strobe warning here, 'cause, woo boy.

08 - Go! Samurai - Having cruelly mislead the audience I relented with an anime short they might actually enjoy . Weird, I know.

09 - Kung Fu vs. Yoga trailer - I'm looking forward to the sequel, Kung Fu vs. Yoga Pants. *rimshot*

10 - Cthupid - An adorable, heart-warming non-Euclidian nightmare.

11 - The Hobbit: 10 Guaranteed Improvements - Presenting another series of much appreciated modifications from the Aurlanuats.

12 - Mighty Mister Titan - And, having hit the halfway mark, it was past time for a nice stretch and exercise break with Mister Titan. However, the audience didn't realize we had a very special surprise episode lined up for them this year; you can see the crowd reaction here; the rioting starts at around 2:45

13 - Stop-Motion Camel Ad - And now, another word from our commercial sponsor.

14 - Aggressive Retsuko Episode 2 - Our heroine has a bit of pleasant, low-key interaction with her co-workers.

15 - Group Inou: "Catch" - "Who likes Japanese pop music?"

16 - Black Thunder - Since it's a big election year and SuperPAC money is flowing like water, we decided to cash in and throw in some political advertising.

17 - Super President: "Man of Steel" - And, since it's an election year, I couldn't help but show my admiration for America's greatest president: James Norcross, whose great desire to serve his country in the cause of justice brought him to the highest office in the land.

18 - Tony is Back! #1: Candy - We received some complaints that showing cigarette ads to an all-ages audience wasn't going to cut it, so we opted to show comemrcials for a more wholesome product: delicious Frosted Flakes. (NSFW)

19 - Awesome and Possum: "Material Song" - If only all hipsters could fall prey to the whimsical vengeance of their cartoon avatars.

20 - Don't Open 'Til Christmas trailer - Because Hell wouldn't be complete without at least one trailer from the glory days of the grindhouse era. (NSFW)

21 - Pizza Boy Diaries - Courtesy of our friends at Bottom Shelf Films.

22 - Tony Is Back! #2: Rick - Can Rick carry out his duties as a law enforcement officer? He can if he has a complete, nutrious breakfast! (NSF Innocent Bystanders)

23 - Agressive Retsuko Episode 7 - Finally, our heroine adds a relaxing touch to her office work space in an effort to relieve stress. This works just as well as you expected.

24 - Manipulated Man - "Who still likes Japanese cartoons?" Surprisingly, the audience expressed their continued love for Japanese cartoons and were not rewarded in the slightest.

25 - Tony Is Back #3: Anna - And, we squeeze in our final commercial break with something incredibly tasteless. (NSF...well, anyone, really.)

26 - Man of Action II: Ashes of Vengeance - And, for the grand finale, our friends at MK12 provided the North American premiere (no, really ) of their long-awaited Man of Action sequel, starring President Steve Elvis America. The whole film isn't up online yet, but you can admire the teaser here and dig the title sequence here.

All in all, another great year of Hell for all to enjoy. Kudos as always to the Hellions: Chris Culpepper, Cameron Blashka, and Jared Blashka. Also, special thanks to William Bloodworth for a very special installment of Mighty Mister Titan.

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Hey Phil, its Dustin from Animazement, we were talking about my motorcycles in anime panel idea at the bar near the con with James Lee. I was leaving a comment to see if you wanted to get in touch with me, our email is at Hope you get this, have a good happy 4th of July!