Sunday, June 10, 2018

A-Kon after report

You never know which one is going to get the biggest reaction. I had a lot of other stuff that I knew was going to get them yelling, but this one really hit a nerve this year. Glad I grabbed it this morning.

Honestly, I thought the Akira Awaken trailer would get more, but it was met with (stunned?) silence. I like to think folks liked it, and was told it gave someone chills, but I should clarify that's a fan-made trailer and not anything official. Although I do hope people at least enjoyed it and we'll need more feedback on that.

Ah! What a show. The playlist wasn't in the playlist. Everyone was on top of their game. The A/V crew was very helpful in getting the projector and screen moved to the middle of the room and the mics down on the floor with the tables, and even came by with another projector during a contest to see if that would solve our little problem.

Because every so often, the projector would lose the signal.

I fear this one is on my end. Danno was always cursed by technical difficulties and he's decided to haunt us a bit. I might have to burn that hell money this weekend. ALL OF IT. The fault is most likely the HDMI/VGA converter I have used a total of three times. I mean, I still have the little plastic protector for one end. I'll be testing that this weekend. Still glad I brought it, or we'd have no way to connect to the projector in the first place.

I think, really, the only thing anyone missed was the VW Engineer Fight and a Little Baby's Ice-Cream ad, but the audio on that one came through and it's disturbing enough with just the sound. I had to restart the Mario's Cart for everyone, because that is just too good.

The guys from NinjaHELL! sat mic with us and kept the energy high. We even got some set-up help from some guys we met in the elevator on the way up and they're dedicated fans now. Lots of new faces this year and a lot of people came up later to ask where we'd be and where were were online.

With the name change, we're going to need a new eye-catch to play in the background during the contests. The possums eating bananas worked, but we're trying to be a little more professional here, right?

Still, a very good show and a very good audience. We do the show for you because it makes you happy. You being happy makes us happy. We should all be able to take a little bit of time and be happy with other people. I hope you all had a nice day.

Have fun.
Stay safe.
Be kind.

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madlanglupa said...

Just to know that I have three of those adapters because my GPU doesn't have a VGA port at all, cost me a fortune (about $12), and one of them apparently failed after about three months but otherwise damn cheap than trying to buy one of those whiz-bang gaming monitors.