Saturday, June 23, 2018

meet me two weeks ago in Atlantic City

And we're back from Atlantic City! Thanks to every one who came out to our show at AnimeNEXT and thank you to AnimeNEXT for having us! Sure, there was a fire alarm during the show, but nobody got hurt, that's the important thing.

AnimeNEXT is a great convention with a tight focus on Japanese animation and a commitment to bringing in knowledgeable speakers and guests who can confidently hold forth on topics like Japanese culture, religion, and hamburgers in anime. Atlantic City is a walkable, tourist-friendly town that welcomes the anime nerds with open arms and hey, it's only a train ride away from Philadelphia, which is only a train ride away from NYC or Baltimore!

What did we show? It was a big agglomeration of Hell hits past and present. We had an East Vs West Cartoon Showdown, we dropped some Heidi on you, we went to Mars and Beyond, we Brought You The Head Of Charlie Brown, we visited Warm Winter Canada and listened to the memories of a Girl Who Became Ugly Studying Abroad In Canada, we watched Mazinger Z battle Devilman, we got clean with Fist Of The North Star, we saw Kenshiro battle Great Mazinger, we took a ride in the Death Van, we learned about shoplifting and what to do on a date and fire safety and we met Bishoujo OL Hayakyu. And much more!

Now remember, when you hear the alarm, evacuate the building in a calm manner, and look for the Toynbee tile between the Starbucks and the Forever 21.

-Dave M

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