Saturday, June 29, 2019

A-Kon 2019

Well, someone asked. He couldn't remember the name but we both remembered the plot.

Interesting show tonight. We were on Friday night instead of Saturday, which is a change. Then we were in a theater proper, which is a change. And it was far away from everything else, which is a change. And we had technical difficulties, which is not a change but I would like one eventually.

Unlike last year's issues with adapters, this year, VLC decided it wanted to play everything on the laptop. I tried switching the main display to the screen, but it still wanted to play on the laptop. This frustrated me beyond measure as I'd tested everything out beforehand. I think I'll be getting a new laptop soon.

I swear, it's Danno's ghost. I had some Hell Money specifically for tonight, but we forgot to burn it. This is my punishment.

The show was slated to run 1:15 to 3:15, but we started late. Well, the panel before us started late and we thought we'd be cool and let them finish as no one was behind us. I mean, we'd be holding no one up, so it was not a problem.

No, it was a problem. See, the last shuttle between the theater and the con was leaving at 4, so we couldn't run it too late. Also, the staff of the Alamo Drafthouse had a long day and kinda wanted to get home before traffic got snarled up by the implosion. Add to that, the panel before us was showing no signs of closing it down and packing up. One of the con staff got a manager from the theater to get them out.

I did not see what happened next, but I'm informed that will never ever be an issue again.

Because the Drafthouse serves food and drinks, we had to make the "Last Call" announcement at 1:45. The collection of drinks would happen at 2:15. We worked in the Hard Gay contest during that time so the house lights would be up.

Shortly after that, I had to reboot the laptop. As Danno would say, Uff da.

Still managed to pull off the Camay Walk. We had a great audience tonight. They are really what makes a show, so I must always give them credit for their participation.

Katie was delightful (as always) and Eileen stayed on top of everything in the background. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the front once the show was over. Someday it will be perfect.

Although, knowing our luck, the world will end shortly after. Well, at least we had fun.

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