Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Panel OF DOOM Jacon 2006: The Audio!

Now, many may wonder "why post the audio to a panel that's so heavily dependent on what is being seen on the screen? The answer has something to do with the spirit of Hell residing not upon the projected images, but the crowd in attendance. It's always interesting to find out what gets laughs where, and since the audio on this one is (mostly) intelligible, I figured I'd toss this up. Why, if you play the audio, close your eyes, and think of ninjas, it's almost just like being there in person! Stare now, at the legions of DOOM (minus the face paint and spiked shoulder pads)!

Download Part One HERE

Download Part Two HERE

If you haven't already done so, go to Love This Empire and check out the live action shorts "Mancop," "Free Lunch" (aka "An Infinite Carnival"), and "The Last Denominator," all conceived, written, and performed by folks I know! Free Lunch is what's running at the very start of the panel (though I didn't start the recording until about 30 seconds in or so), and The Last Denominator is well...mostly silent, so it probably might come off weird on the audio. All the more reason to watch it yourselves!