Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Worus ACen Report

Worus: "Friday night, Shane and I also went to see Anime Hell, for which the line was very long. We later found out that there were somewhere over two-thousand people in the room! Of course, when that was announced, we were immediately asked to yell for a promo clip. There’s something about yelling “Anime World Order” with two-thousand of your closest friends that’s just special. There were also parodies at Midnight Madness after that. Fisting the North Star played as well as NoN D.E. Studio’s new parody, which I was too tired to really follow. There were some funny moments, though, like the Chibi-fy ray."

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Daryl Surat said...

Indeed, that recording is easily one of the single most powerful things to have been created as a result of the AWO podcast existing. Big thanks to Gavv for being kind enough to get that recorded for us, and congratulations are in order on filling the Main Events room to its maximum fire marshal-approved capacity. I had heard that the 4Chan folks walked out during Torso or Fish Fight (which has never really gotten a favorable reaction for me), so I was slightly worried for a bit about the turnout. Silly me.

I'm quite glad to see that the MATILDA-SAAAAAAAAAAAN bit from Densha Otoko got added into the ACen mix. I had actually clipped that myself to run at Jacon following the student film version of the same scene, but I opted not to show it since robots in general don't fly too well with the Florida fans--I imagine they resent the fact that robots steal old people's medicine for fuel--and showing the initial animated Gundam clip requires a decent amount of setup time even if you clip it to just the high points.