Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hard Gay pose off at A-Kon 19 AnimeHELL


J. said...


My name is J. I run the website http://www.TheHellQuiz.com. My website lets you take a 3 part Hell test to see what your chances of going to Hell are, and you can post/share your results on your profile/blog.

I was just wondering if there is anyway you would be able to put a link to my website from your website, or post something about it. I believe this would be a neat addition to your hell related website.

Please feel free to email me back at, thehellquiz@gmail.com, if this is in anyway possible.


Thank you for your time,

J. McDaniels

Tohoscope said...

You didn't take a good look at the site, did you, J.

d. merrill said...

What an amazing comment to leave on a post about the Hard Gay Pose-Off.

Okay, first off, that site is jam packed with annoying flash bullshit that locks up your browser. Secondly, it's filled with specious, largely misinformed bullshit about major world religions. Thirdly, it has jackshit to do with a zany clip show exhibited at Japanese anime conventions. Kaboom.