Thursday, June 05, 2008

A-Kon Hells Post Mortem

I got home to find that my 3 legged cat had puked in my bed AND Japanator had posted a nice review of the Friday night A-Kon HELL with lots of video goodness, too.

As Japanator points out the Friday night show was in a panel room with the max capacity of 100 people. But Saturday night's show was moved to Video Room 2 where there was plenty of space for everyone. A-Kon may not know or care about AnimeHELL, but at least now they seem to understand that lots and LOTS of folks wanna go to it and see it. Here's to the hope that next year finds A-Kon HELL scheduled in a video room from the start.

Still, a good time was had by all. And much candy was given out and many prizes raffled off. A big thanks to the A-Kon staffers who put up with our wacky clip show crowd, we appreciate all your help in getting HELL into a bigger room. And a special thanks to the Anonymous Audience Guy who helped out with setting up the video projector and getting the sound back when we lost it on Friday night. You rock! And, of course, thanks go to Emily and Bob DeJesus for the Kawaii TV opening and Bruce, Avery and Katie, too.

I've got lots of A-Kon HELL video on my monkey cam and as soon as YouTube lets me upload it I'll post it for all to enjoy.

Bonus: morphyloon shares, "a panoramic view from my place in the AnimeHELL line."


minthi said...

is this too creepy for anime hell? so disturbing!

Redskyy said...

I'm always a big fan of Anime/Otaku Hell at all of your Texas cons, and A-Kon was a blast. It's too bad I missed the Friday event. I was hoping to see American Ninja and a few others make a return, though.

Here's hoping that somebody cosplays as the Cautious Twins at AnimeFest!

Tohoscope said...

I've thought about doing OtakuHELL dressed as Heino, but I don't know where to get the Heino wig.