Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anime Hell Preshow 2010


Just got back from Anime Weekend Atlanta where, among other things, I present the popular and confusing "Anime Hell" event. This free-form Japaheeno cartoon clip show has been an annual favorite among those "in the know" who enjoy things that are goofy, kooky, kicky, and ginchy in the way of out-of-contextual audio-visual entertainment. Of course there's always a few moments of setup while the thousands of audience members find their way to their seats, and the technical crew explains their complicated equipment to me, the host. A few years back I realized that what I ought to do is put some music over the PA to make these moments a little more entertaining. That's how I started making Anime Hell Pre-Show Compilations, and that's what we're giving you today at Found Sound! It's a little longer than our usual tracks, but I think you'll forgive us our bandwidth savagery. So sit back, close your eyes, imagine an anime con badge around your neck and a hotel function room chair beneath your ass, and pretend you're waiting for me to drunkenly figure out how to use a DVD player. Not to mention wondering what the hell this insane country music has to do with Japanese cartoons.

ANIME HELL PRESHOW 2010: "Shortcake Rap" (Strawberry Shortcake), "October Is Country Music Month/Jerry Clower" (various), "Fascist Threat" (Janet Greene), "Batman And Robin" (Thor Ables), "They Took Little Johnny" (Boyd Peters), "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke '68" (Tex Williams), "I'm A Sick American" (Frank W. Morris). 17:00

Some tracks previously appeared on the compliation "I Love Country & Western Music Volume 2" courtesy Devlin Thompson.

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