Thursday, September 09, 2010

AnimeFest Debriefing

Before I forget...

It wasn't anyone's fault.

The staff at AnimeFest was just delightful, unlike other cons we could mention, and we were actually allotted thirty-minutes' set-up time. It was a joy, working in a well-lit room, with people who had things under control, who cared if it all worked or not.

And it did work! Test video was run (and loudly enough that we were asked to turn it down). Technically, everything was just hunky-dory.

Well, technically. The only problem was we could not technically get all the people waiting in line into panel room 2. Ops took one look at the line and the room and decided we needed to move across the hall into the larger panel room 1.

(Cue dramatic music.)

It was like watching ants take apart a grasshopper in reverse; I've never seen people set up chairs that quickly. If I had been thinking, there would be time-lapse video of how that went up. I was in the hallway, handing out candy and trying in vain to get a "Hokey Pokey" game going. Ah well.

Once we had the crowd situated, we were going to start the show, but the magic demons that make video work hadn't made the move with us. Katie told the story of her one night as a stand-up comic. Dan and the staff went through four different laptops, trying to get the video back up and running.

The first video had a creepy, stop-action feel to it. While the crew tried to get that fixed, Bruce told a story about a 12-yr-old hooker.

The next videos ran as they should. Then one halted. Katie showed us a new game she'd come up with and, because we could control the lights in the room, it didn't end with any contusions.

Yay! Video is back up and running! Pause for Hard Gay pose-off (which went into sudden-death overtime).

Let's watch some Camay commercials and see who can imitate the walk the best. Audience participation made this contest extra special. hoarks on us again. And during the action sequences, too.

It's time for the Jack Rebney "dance of frustration" contest.

Lots of candy was thrown, much alcohol was consumed, a good time had by all.

Special shout-out to the AV staff of AnimeFest, who went above and beyond on this one. We could not have done it without you. But for reals.

And many thanks to our audience, who waited that extra time while the second room went up, did not set anything in the hall on fire, and suffered through our little hiccups. Next time, we'll bring a special carrying-case for the magic demons that make video work.

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Tohoscope said...

It was a good show, despite the gremlins. As usual, the AnimeFest AV crew is the bestest crew evah.