Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Field reports indicate this was the BEST HELL EVER. Nadelman kept 'em cooking with TLA and by 10pm the audience was ready to roll... with laughter! 2 screens, updated TOWER OF POWER (tm) speaker stacks and an advanced pipe and drape echo reduction system meant an upgraded HELL experience for the capacity crowd. Here's what was shown.

LOGORAMA - the Academy Award winning short film featuring advertising logos killing each other, swearing, and boob-grabbing.
GTFO -if you are a furry, GTFO.
MAD MEN OPENING - swelegant Sterling Draper Cooper Price title by Th' Gavv.
SW2000 OPENING - title card from horrifying Ultraman feature "Space Warriors 2000"
RICK ROLL - this is not Soul Eater.
GUNDAM -T28 -TORBOTO In which I give the audience the finger.
DR TRAN LETTERS -viewer mail.
ANIME VS AMERICA - Care Bears, Monchichis, Mr. T and the Dukes versus Fighting General Daimos and Space Battleship Yamato. And Gamera.
IT'S A UFO - fascinating true anime documentary about aliens.
HETALIA ROSWELL - fascinating true anime documentary about aliens landing on America's house.
ZINC OXIDE - where would we be without Zinc Oxide.
HALLOWEEN - Centron safety film about the dangers of Halloween.
part two:
THE HANGMAN - nothing says workplace safety like a burly Englishman in a domino mask.
WILL YOU BE HERE TOMORROW - not if you starred in this safety film!
ACTION AFTER WARNINGS - what to do if the Big One drops and you live in the UK.
GAS IN HEATER - gas in your heater can kill you.
EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE - don't leave your baby on the sidewalk.
DINNER FOR A SEAGULL - drowning, it's what's for dinner.
DONKEY KONG JR - vintage video game ad.
PIXELS - short film about 8-bit world domination.
FINAL FANTASY II - vintage video game ad.
VIRTUAL REALITY - news clip about exciting new trend for 1991.
ZIPANG clip from the amazing film. Jigoku fights Zatoichi, Tange Sazen and 100 others.
BLACK DYNAMITE - But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs in the community!
BITCH KILLER - god this film makes me horny.
MEGAFORCE -the good guys always win, even in the 80s.
ULTRAVACUUM - super monsters battle super vacuum cleaners.
ULTRACARINSURANCE - super monsters ding your car.
MURPHY IRISH STOUT - the choice of high tech samurai.
MINILOTO,NOCRIA - quick Japanese ads.
ZIPANG - back to killing. Warning, this sword is REALLY sharp.
YOGI OKEY DOKEY - yeah, he's real funny, you obese death-suckers.
DR TRAN LETTERS - again with the viewer mail.
DOWNFALL REJECTED - Hitler gets what Hitler wants.


See you at AWA 17!


Daryl Surat said...

I'm pleased as punch to see that several of the AWA 2009 Panel OF DOOM! clips made it into the big show this year, such as "if it says Soul Eater, IT HAS TO BE SOUL EATER!" "Will You Be Here Tomorrow?" the "Murphy's Irish Stout" anime ad, and "Yogi Okey Dokey." "Torboto The Robot That Tortures Evil" and "Zinc Oxide" have also served me well. My dark influence spreads!

That reminds me, I'd better put up a Panel OF DOOM! 2010 report soon.

Chris Sobieniak said...

"Wait, I want to talk to Keith and his wife!"

I saw some of those Dr. Tran fan mail bits recently, wished they did some more but I guess the producers have mouths to feed too.