Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cave Nudes!

Something I had the meaning to post last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our Modern Stone-Age Family, but lost track of time and just had to remember it, so here you go (albeit, modified to leave more to the imagination)! Drawn by a little known drone of a former animation studio in the days before impressing millions with a tale about two lower life forms!


Anonymous said...

Wait, is that it?


Chris Sobieniak said...

Yeah, that was all. I could've removed that stupid smiley face too for best results, but that was all there was. And thankfully that guy didn't get fired for it, but it was something that someone kept and sent to R. Crumb's "Weirdo Comics" back in '83 I found it in.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I wish there was more too. Certainly this J.K. dude was going places even though he had to suck up to whatever his bosses wanted for most of that time.