Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's back again! Bring the kids. Remember: Friday night, not Saturday night.

JAPANESE ANIME HELL - Hell comes to Hogtown for its seventh straight year of wild and wacky, brain-busting examples of incomprehensibility as filtered through the lens of Japanese cartoons. Forgotten failures, fake ads, film trailers, giant monsters, IMPORTANT government safety films, childhood toys, super robots, kung-fu fighting and more packed into two solid hours of funtime. All aboard!

It's all happening at 10pm Friday in the Plaza Ballroom! You know, where they have the Costume Contest.

I also have it on good authority that on Saturday in the International Ballroom there will be a 2 hour presentation on SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO, a look at SHOJO FROM THE 60s & 70s, on Friday something called "Anime Guilty Pleasures", and on Sunday the CLASSIC ANIME COLLEGE will give you a (non-transferrable) Master's Degree in History Of Japanese Cartoons. Also, Neil Nadelman will return with TOTALLY LAME ANIME for your Saturday night viewing (dis)pleasure! Check your schedule for time and location!

Anime North, May 27-29 Toronto Ontario


Tohoscope said...

Who's doing the Classic Anime College panel? I'd love to see that one.

d. merrill said...

That would be me and a guy named Mike Barks, who needs to email me. I think I managed to talk 'em into giving us coffee service too, because I need the jolt on Sunday afternoon.