Monday, March 28, 2011

The Mask in 3-D!

In the 1980's, the the 1961 Canadian cinematic spectical "The Mask", was delivered to the masses via independent TV stations with promotional considerations from a local sponsor who charged you a buck or so for the "Mystic Masks" needed to enjoy the short three segments or so of 3-D goodness. Bridging these sequences was an originally produced sequence featuring Square One TV's Harry Blackstone the magician to give you an insight into the Third Dimension with the help of a few ghastly assistants. Come with us back to them bygone days when making a quick buck out of a gimmick like this was every indie station's dream!


Unknown said...

Sometime in the mid-eighties KMSP Channel 9 did a similar 3D movie event. I can't seem to find the name of the 3D movie. I want to say it was called The Ape, but It's not listed:

(It's not A*P*E, either.)

It was about a small circus and something about their gorilla getting out of it's cage and going on a rampage. It was a pretty boring bit of low budget guy in a gorilla suit excuse for a movie.

But they hyped it and got everybody to go out and buy those 3D glasses. I remember commercials running for the event at almost every break and even ads in the paper hustling the 3D glasses.

The hype around the actual movie was more entertaining then the movie itself. But hey, that was all part of the fun.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Well, glad I missed that film, I did see another one show up on TV however for John Wayne's "Hondo" which I'll be sticking up ad breaks to later (YouTube actually).

Unknown said...

Now I'll be trying to figure out what the name of that stupid movie was. AUGH!

I finally got a copy of Mask a couple years back. It's not bad. The 3D scenes are the best.

And Shout! Factory just announced they're releasing M.A.S.K on DVD. Good times!

d.merrill said...

"Gorilla At Large". Channel 46 in Atlanta did the same gimmick.

Unknown said...

Gorilla At Large! That was it!