Monday, September 05, 2011

Anime Fest 2011: The Curse Has Been Lifted

A lot of people asked about this piece after the show, so here it is, so you can share with your friends.

Plus, we totally suck for not putting up a post letting everyone know about ANIME HELL at Anime Fest tonight. We were in panel room 6 and you WILL NOT believe what went wrong at the show tonight.


Nothing. Nothing went wrong. At all.

Well, there was one minor hiccup. Dan and Ed came by the house at around five, and we attempted to do sukiyaki. We had decided against the raw egg dip, so it was really pseudosukiyaki, but the entire thing was a disaster anyway, because a fondue pot will never produce the kind of heat you need for that. Keep that in mind if you ever decide to do pseudosukiyaki: no fondue pot. We moved the entire operation into the kitchen, which annoyed the cats, because ONLY CATS EAT IN THE KITCHEN.

Anyway, that pretty much sucked the bad luck out of the night. It's not that it was wrong per se, it just wasn't what I had hoped.

But as we were packing up and getting ready to head out the door, we got a call from the AV staff at A-Fest, letting us know that the room was empty and ready for us to come on down and make sure everything was going to work.

And everything did work. We had the most awesomest AV crew and staff was super-cool about everything, helping getting the stage turned so we could see what was going on, making sure there was a fifth mic for Katie, showing us the light pre-sets so we could get the house-lights up when we needed...

And thank-you, Spam, for getting us water. That really helped a lot. You have no idea. Sorry that kid shoved you during the Hard Gay pose-off and tried to make out with your buddy.

We opened with TV SHOW, which is kind of about what we do here.

Spike Spencer sat in with us for a while (on a dare, I heard) and I hope we did not hurt him too much. You were a good sport, Spike. Thanks for joining in on the madness.

We had a great audience, a great crew, and a great time. Your "Yatta" dance was one of the best I've seen in a long time and you, the audience, are why we do this show.

Dinner at Sushi World was, as always, wonderful.

We did not try to have sukiyaki, however.

Now, before I forget all over again, anyone who was asking about my shirt tonight. It's the Simplicity pattern 3852, and the fabric is similar to this, but on a black background. Someone had asked me before the show and I totally forgot to touch-base with you afterwards.

Also, sorry again to the kid I beaned with the candy cigarettes. Those things are dangerous!


Tohoscope said...

still recovering from the show...


TheNerdyKnitter said...

O hai! I got a shout out! :D


Dr. Mila said...

I promise to not mark your comment as spam, Spam.

Elemkuro said...

Dr. Mila beaning kids with candy cigarettes?!? Bet you can't do it again this year :P

-Spam's Manfriend

Dr. Mila said...

Is that a dare? I WILL FIND YOU.