Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No, Grandma. It's called "the Internet".

Yeah, and you thought the switch to digital TV was bad. Apparently, we really had trouble with the idea of dialing numbers, as opposed to telling the operator who we wanted to talk to.

Don't believe me?


Here's nine minutes on how to dial a phone. For reals. Nine minutes. I'd say it's how to dial a phone plus all the bells and whistles, but due to corporate conglomeration, there's nothing but bells left. Looks like whistles got bought out.

Why this is a two-parter is beyond me. How a dial phone is "yummy" is also beyond me.

Now here's a training film for operators. I like that they have to use a "dialing tool".

Hey, you guys are from the 21st century. Any of that look familiar?

And then we had to get used to a whole new system! Will wonders never cease?

Not if AT&T has anything to say about it! The future is now! Pew pew!

Oh wow. Americans making things. Dates that film.

Also, IN YOUR FACE, KOYAANISQATSI! Not looking so avaunt-guarde after that opening sequence now, are we?

Whaaaaaaaa....? A computer now? It'll never take off.

Next, you'll say I can carry my phone with me. Unpossible!

"Hey guys, I spent more than $500 on this thing. Pretty neat, huh?"

Just for a moment here, I want you to think about the age difference between these brothers. Ask yourself how that happened.

And now think about how much easier things almost were in the 60s. And then think about how your iPhone can never get a signal. Sweet.


Tohoscope said...

That's Phreakin' Phreaky. Now where did I put my pager...

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

There was a time when the need to have phones with dialed exchanges was not common throughout parts of the US (mainly in rural areas) and the use of "party lines" and asking the operator what number you want was a way of life into the 1970's. I miss the rotary dials most of all on phones myself, and feel like today's tots are not going to know what that was about.

Dr. Mila said...

When I had VDSL installed in one of my old apartments, we discovered a party-line LED in the massive jumble of lines that fell out of the work-box. The tech didn't know what it was. I didn't know the building was that old.

But that also explained why the neighbors' phones went out when it finally got hooked up.

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

(in my Nelson Muntz laugh) HA-HAW!