Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maaaaaaaaaah jong!

What we're missing here is cultural reference.

The "thirteen divinities" spoken of in this hand are the thirteen orphans: a one and nine from each suit, one each of the winds, and one each of the dragons. "Raising Sun" is a variant of this with an extra one of bamboo. The extra tile is a "dora", or extra tile and counts for points.

(I'll do my best to not think about Dr. Who during this.)

Say what?

The ron the Chinese score is a series of pairs. Dora dora is the two fives. It is followed by another set of pairs. Then two runs, two triplets, and a pair (eyes). Then a run, three triplets, and a pair (honorifics: winds). The "only richi" is a run, a triplet, a run, a triplet, and a pair. The ron that wins the game is, again, the thirteen orphans with the one discs as a dora, or extra tile.

Mao's kan brings him closer to a hand called jade dragon, a pair, a pair, a triplet, a triplet, all four green dragons, with a two of bamboo as the dora. Mao plays three pairs, and two triplets, all green. He follows with four triplets and 3, 4, 6 of bamboo. All green. Koizumi plays a pair of green dragons, a triplet of bamboo sixes, a run of 1 2 3 bamboo and triplet three, but Mao plays a pair of bamboo three. Koizumi plays the 4 bamboo, completing the run. Again, the rising sun is the thirteen orphans (with a red dragon as dora).

That is, of course, before they all fight Hitler.

One of the things we're really missing out on is the automatic mah jong tables.

It would seem there's a whole host of mah jong anime out there.


Tohoscope said...

Actually those are the only 2 examples I've seen. I double dare you to find more Mahjong anime.

Because there isn't any other Mahjong anime outside Legend of Koizumi and Saki.

Dr. Mila said...

Well, it's a bit of a richi, but how about this?

(NSFW at the end)

Tohoscope said...

Uh,no. Ebichu isn't about Mahjong. It's about a hamster and a Office Lady. One episode with it does not make it a Mahjong anime series.


Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

Hadn't seen Ebichu in a long time!

Mieko said...

@Tohoscope. You are clearly a noob anime fan and/or no nothing of mahjong anime/manga since you don't know about the classic Mahjong Hishouden manga/anime.


Dr. Mila said...


Tohoscope said...

It's true, I'm clearly a noob.